Mason Shuck





Coty, Inc. is a multinational beauty company, it develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes fragrances, cosmetics, skin care, nail care, and both professional and retail hair care products. Coty owns around 77 brands as of 2018.

The Ask:

Create an entire new concept that will drive a new scent for Coty. The concept should be born from the Coty brand culture but should also define its own market territory and should strive to be trendsetting within popular culture, as the fragrance landscape is awash with look-alike alternatives.

The Research:

Aside from preliminary secondary background research on trends in the fragrance industry, we wanted to identify a specific niche group this new fragrance could be tailored to. We made lists of different “guys” and what aspect would appeal the most to those groups before landing on “our guy.”  The Craft Beer Lover.

The Opportunity

Create a scent tailored to the American Craft Beer enthusiast. One that not only reminds consumers of their favorite brew but also enhances their craft drinking experience.  


The Insight:

Craft Beer enthusiast look for new ways to enhance their drinking experience with strategic and scientific pairings.

The New Concept:

Olefaction Scent Co. is born, a line of mens cologne with scents matching popular types of beer from IPA to stouts. A cologne that scientifically enhances the drinking experience of the consumer by featuring hints of natural aromas given off in the brewing process of craft beers.



Pop-Ups and partnerships with the top 10 breweries in the country where Olefaction will travel and set up using a food truck style truck. Brand representatives would work with brewery bartenders to distribute scratch and sniff coasters matching with the different types of craft beer. Also, using micro-influencers to promote the product on social media by inviting influencers to a scent workshop learning how our craft beer scents are made.


Why This Works:

A clear market for craft beer inspired scents already exists in the marketplace in the form of soap and candles so a move to a cologne is a natural transition. By targeting a niche market that is comfortable with premium prices Coty can leverage this scent to fill a white space that exists between price and perception.


The Team:

Mason Shuck: Creative Brand Manager

Jackson Downey: Creative Brand Manager

Alisha Taylor: Creative Brand Manager

My Role:


3D Mockups

Bottle Logo Design