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Bearbottom Clothing is a growing menswear brand based out of Florida. It focuses mostly on shorts and swimwear but is quickly moving into activewear and outerwear. The brand also uses the one-for-one donation model by donating shorts to children in Bangladesh.

The Ask:

Find a way to make the donation aspect more of a focal point to the brand without overshadowing the quality of the clothing itself.

The Problem:

Customers currently are split between buying just for quality/price and buying for the charitable aspect. The charity aspect is currently getting looked at as an afterthought and not synonyms with Bearbottom.

The Research:

Utilized primary research to see what the current brand perception of Bearbottom was based off of social media and product offering.

Bear Bottoms Keynote img.002.jpeg

The Opportunity:

Focus the brand voice back to what it was intended to be, fix the current perception of the brand, make the website reflect that voice by simplifying the UX, engage a new charity piece that goes above and beyond the one for one model.

Bear Bottoms Keynote img.008.jpeg


“The brand for guys who JUST WANT SHORTS”

Bear Bottoms Keynote img.009.jpeg

New Brand Voice:

No more “everyday adventurer” with contradicting imagery. Encourage customers to post pictures and reviews with a hashtag and use those images as the social media voice of the new Bearbottom. Real guys doing real things.

Site Redesign:

The old site was cluttered with too many products on one page, the navigation was confusing and the charity piece of hard to find on the site. We streamlined the navigation, made the product pages smaller by grouping like products and having the ability to choose color at the end. (click image to see prototype)

Bear Bottoms Keynote img.021.jpeg

New Charity Platform:

Partner with B1G1 to create micro-giving events in Bangladesh. Commit a dollar amount from each sale to these events that would change every quarter and bring real change to an area that needs far more than just clothes. Ability for transparency to consumers as well as opportunities for social posts and live tracking of charitable giving.


The Team

Mason Shuck: Creative Brand Manager

Ryan Owens: Art Director

Karan Raikar: Copywriter

My Role:



Deck Design