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Who I Am

I was born in Virginia Beach, Virginia in 1992 to a hard working tile worker and a dedicated stay at home mother who taught me more about life than I could have ever hoped for. My father taught me to be independent and work hard for what I want because nothing will be given to me in life, while my mother taught me to be open to new things and to find the fun in everything. My hometown taught me to go with the flow and not take life so seriously because there is so much beauty and opportunity surrounding me that I need to soak it all in and learn from it. All of these factors have helped to both develop and bring out new characteristics over my twenty-five years of life about who I am and the man I am becoming.

What I'm Good At

The two biggest characteristics that I believe show what I am best at are, leadership and critical thinking. I did not always consider myself a leader growing up. When I was younger I tended to shy away from that roll in settings like school, boy scouts and other activities. That leadership role really came out through sports and through college where I was fortunate enough to lead several of my peers through very big projects and challenges. Also, going hand in hand with that leadership characteristic came my critical thinking skills, which have thrived in any leadership setting I’ve been faced with. These two characteristics I feel best represent who I am and why I would be a perfect candidate for the Brandcenter.

Track Specific Questions

Question 1

As the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon affects millions around the globe. Identify the different user and influencer groups touched by the brand and speak to the kinds of marketing efforts that may be appropriate in connecting the brand with them. Please answer with an original infographic of your creation.

See my infographic to the right >

Amazon infographic

Question 2

Identify 5 advantages companies gain by building a strong brand.

Customer Loyalty

Companies with great branding can entice loyal consumers to buy their brand name product over a competitors even if the price is slightly higher or the product is exactly the same. Consumers generally find a brand they like and trust and tend to not move away from that brand unless something major shifts their trust or focus.

Competitive Edge

Companies who have built a strong brand and loyal customers, find it easier and less expensive to introduce new products or test them in the market before further investing time and money into them. A loyal brand following means customers will often be more interested in new products.

Perceived Value

A company with a strong brand can charge a higher premium for products than a company with the same product, but has less branding. Apple and Samsung can get away with charging a much higher premium for cellphones than Blackberry or Motorola because the consumers equate the Apple or Samsung name with quality in all aspects of the device.

Ease of Introduction

A company with a strong brand can introduce new products into the marketplace with more ease because of the name that company has made for itself in the eyes of the consumer.

Customer Recognition

When a company builds a strong brand, customers will be able to easily recognize the products and services of that company over other brands.

Question 3

Research one of the following brands from yesterday and then develop a plan to revitalize and relaunch it.

I chose to research Yahoo. See the following slideshow.

Question 4

Keep a journal for three days centered on the way different social media interact and influence your life.

Day 1

Personally, I was excited to analyze this prompt and be able to look at my social media usage in possibly a different way than I do now. Waking up on this first day, immediately I realize how ingrained social media is to my daily routine, the first thing I did upon opening my eyes was roll over, grab my phone, and check emails and scroll through Snapchat or Instagram from the night before. I wanted to see just how many apps I have that are solely devoted to social media, because on a daily basis it is not something I think about, I just use them. After counting I see that I have six social media apps on my phone after recently deleting the Twitter app due to the fact that I never use it.

On this first day I wanted to be able to answer one question by the end of the day, does social media improve or take away from my daily life. I went about my normal Monday as I would any other day, wake up scroll a few platforms, go to work find myself on a few here and there maybe on lunch break, finally back home to finish my day. Out of the 6 apps that I have downloaded on my phone, I visited every single one at least once throughout the day. I wasn’t sure how I was going to answer the initial question until I was laying in bed and got to see pictures and videos from my sisters birthday party back home that I missed and the answer became clear, social media improves my life on a daily basis by letting me stay connected to my family and friends back in Virginia.

Day 2

This second day was very different for me as it was a day that I was so busy during and after work, and so tired after work that I found myself not using my social media almost at all on this day. Today really showed me which platforms I use and care about the most because I still checked Instagram and Snapchat in the morning when I woke up and then again before I went to bed but that is it. The fact that I did not use any of my other four apps that I normally check shows that, while I enjoy social media and what it offers me, I am not dependent on using it and can have a normal day without it.

Day 3

Today really opened my eyes to how essential social media can be to different people and professions. In the world biggest coincidence, me and my team had an extensive meeting with our social marketing team today at work to discuss marketing plans for the upcoming March Madness season in college basketball. So, on a week that I am writing a journal on how social media interacts with my daily life, I am at my job getting paid to sit in a meeting room and throw out ideas on marketing campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, Etc. Also, on this day I realized just how much me and my fellow buyers rely on social media to do our normal jobs. I work at a sports apparel company and specifically I buy men's college apparel and throughout a normal day me and my coworkers can almost always be found with one of our screens on Twitter to check breaking sports news or highlights incase something big happens that will affect our business.

Question 5

List the many different ways consumers might experience the brand NIKE.

Please see the following presentation

Question 6

Please explain the role the CBM track plays in branding and advertising and why you believe you will be successful in this track and this career.

CBM Role in Branding and Advertising

The Creative Brand Manager plays a pivotal role in the branding process by essentially being the gatekeeper and protector of a brands mission and values along the way. It is the CBM’s job to learn everything about a brands mission statement, values, vision and budget to in turn make sure the other tracks/departments’ work and ideas are staying on track with those mission and values. CBM’s are creative leaders with strong problem solving skills but also the ability to look at each step analytically in how it relates and ultimately benefits the brand in the end. In a normal branding effort the CBM, armed with the knowledge of the brand's values, customer base, and vision, will work with the strategist to create brand strategies by using customer insights and feedback through research. Once the overall strategy is formed and approved, the work with the creatives such as the art directors, user experience and copywriters can begin to turn the strategy into a visual experience.

Bound for Success

Along my process of looking into the Brandcenter I have been told many things, but one of the things I have heard the most is about how challenging and intense the program and work is, which immediately made me want to put my application in. All throughout my life I have loved to challenge myself with things that interest me, if it is a subject that I enjoy I wanted to be exposed to all of it not just the easy parts. Upon doing more research on the Brandcenter and the CBM role I realized it would be a perfect place to utilize my love for using both my analytical and creative side into tangible projects. I thrived in these types of projects as an undergraduate and I believe the challenge of the Brancenter would be the most fulfilling and beneficial thing I would have done yet. If I could pick one dream landing spot to drive me through my time at the Brandcenter it would be my obsession and love of the company Vans, and to get to the Brandcenter and graduate with the tools and experience needed to get a job at Vans would be the single greatest moment of my life. It would be a dream to be able to go into work everyday and have a hand in communicating the mission and values of a company that I have aligned so much with since I was a little kid.

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